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Cystitis and UTIs - A Different Approach

cystitis and UTIs - happy couple look over the sea

If you suffer from cystitis problems, you might find this interesting.

I had suffered repeat UTI Problems over 30 years (since childhood), and the resultant cystitis symptoms had created havoc in my life. Antibiotics were no longer working, and I had tried just about every alternative remedy on the market without success. They helped to temporarily alleviate the problems at best. Antibiotics (fluoroquinolone-based) had, for me, caused severe side-effects that have left their mark on my health all these years later.

I had a major battle on my hands, but incredibly, and going completely against all allopathic expectations, I found a product (a form of d-mannose, which is a rare sugar related to glucosamine) that stopped the infections when even the most powerful antibiotics had failed. The original research was done by a Doctor in the USA in the 1950’s.

My relationship with D Mannose was right at the beginning of it becoming economical to extract mannose from natural sources. Months of research on D-Mannose and testing led to our company requesting a high quality completely natural version of mannose, produced from sweet forest timbers, and that was the origin of Waterfall D-Mannose® , and Sweet Cures® of York.

Since then, Sweet Cures has helped hundreds of thousands of other people take control of their cystitis and UTI problems. Sweet Cures® and Waterfall D-Mannose websites are a huge information resource that help equip you with the knowledge needed to beat cystitis.

Waterfall D-Mannose is a monosaccharide (a simple sugar) that is not metabolised and has the ability to attach to bacteria and prevent the bacteria from attaching to your bladder wall. It then flushes out bacteria each time you pass water. It can also be used when you're well to prevent further infections.

With the power of Waterfall D-Mannose behind them, people frequently choose to use their own natural cystitis treatment if the medical route has failed: as so many of us are finding out, bacterial resistance is an ever growing concern for Doctors and patients alike.

Many Urologists and Doctors now recommend Waterfall D-Mannose . Clinics and Pharmacies now stock it.

So whether you are a spinal injury patient who is self-catheterising or a first-time sufferer who has a simple infection, our approach is to help you return to bladder health rather than focusing on a label for your problem. This approach has so far been very successful. It sometimes requires a different protocol for different problems, but we've found that the important thing is to get enough Waterfall D-Mannose into you.

Feedback about Waterfall D Mannose use speaks for itself.

What we have repeatedly found, is that knowledge is lacking. Ineffective (and often damaging) antibiotics that build resistance in the bacteria that cause most cystitis problems, initially help, however a cycle of reinfection with ever increasing bacterial resistance follows.